Construction Dispute Resolution and Business Protection

Comprehensive Legal Services for the Construction Industry

Serious construction site accidents often lead to claims that go beyond any workers' compensation insurance case that may result. Urgent legal issues might arise in the middle of construction, following construction or in the planning phase.

Relationships can turn sour, construction disputes can occur over the timely completion of a project, professional malpractice can become an issue and vendor contract agreements can be breached. Construction defect claims and injury claims can cost you dearly if not handled properly from the beginning.

Our team also handles claims for payment and construction bond claims, while also offering contract and indemnification counseling as well as counseling on purchase orders, leases and conditions.

Unexpected issues can arise quickly, and when they do, you will be happy that you have an experienced construction lawyer on your side.

Full-Scale Representation for Large and Smaller Firms

At Mark J. Hill & Associates, P.C., in Philadelphia and Moorestown, we represent construction companies, developers and real estate companies with large-scale projects across Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and we have relationships with national builders and international firms that contract for both private industry and publicly funded projects.

Our top two attorneys possess over 60 years of combined experience between them, and you will have direct contact with them throughout necessary legal processes. Their perspective and skills are broad-based, including comprehensive understandings of construction law, insurance law, commercial law, injury law and employment law.

We aggressively seek best possible outcomes for our clients with sophisticated strategy customization for property owners, developers, designers, construction companies, architects, contractors, subcontractors, vendors, lenders, surety companies and insurers.

We pursue cost-effective resolutions through arbitration, negotiation or mediation, so as to avoid business delays, but we are always prepared to secure your interests in litigation.

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