Litigation May Be the Only Method of Resolution

We Will Help You Explore Alternatives and Weigh Legal Options Equally

Shareholder and partnership disputes are often contentious, particularly in closely held corporations, and litigation is sometimes necessary. While costs can mount in litigation, it is the only legal forum in which you will be able to protect your rights, interests and business if the opposing party is unwilling to compromise or settle.

Should You Litigate a Shareholder Dispute?

While our attorneys are sophisticated litigators with extensive experience working for both plaintiffs and defendants in Pennsylvania and throughout the U.S., we counsel with "net-to-me" cost analysis to provide clients with decision-making tools to evaluate cost-effective solutions. As such, we also frequently resolve disputes between shareholders and partners through alternative dispute resolution methods. In most cases, these methods mitigate risks, reduce costs and achieve quicker resolutions that serve each party as fairly as possible.

This does not always mean a 50/50 split of profits or assets, of course. Resolution reached through mediation, for example, often reveals that disagreements are based almost entirely on emotions and the feelings that one or both parties have been wronged in some way. Once the emotional aspect is resolved, the business resolution may seem very minor or at least easier to agree upon.

Forging Shareholder Agreements Without Litigation

Clearly, not all shareholder disputes can be resolved through negotiation or mediation. It usually works best for closely held corporations such as family businesses and partnerships. When your business is publicly traded and facing a class action lawsuit, what are your options?

Our attorneys have served as class-action counsel or co-counsel in several shareholder actions for both plaintiffs and defendants. We can help you achieve an acceptable and reasonable class settlement, manage all legal aspects of the case and work to discover reasons to show that the class should not be certified, thereby compelling the class representative to seek approval for a single plaintiff settlement and dismissal of the class case.

We will help you evaluate all possible alternative dispute resolution methods before setting our sights on litigation. Our firm applies business judgment to work in your best interests alone. We are prepared to go to battle for you, and we are proven warriors at trial. It is critical to be represented by an adept litigator if you face imminent litigation.

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