Estate Administration and Litigation

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Our reputation as business litigation attorneys attracts a considerable amount of referrals for estate disputes and trust litigation. When a business owner, family member or business partner dies and a significant amount of wealth is involved, it is almost inevitable that some party will make a claim on assets that runs counter to other parties' interests.

Litigation is also necessary when beneficiaries work to get an asset owner declared incompetent or unfit to manage his or her own wealth. An estate executor may be appointed, or a conservatorship in place may be necessary. Estate executors, conservators, people granted power of attorney and trustees must follow strict fiduciary duties laid out by the probate court and beneficiaries.

Litigators You Can Depend On for Your Future

At Mark J. Hill & Associates, P.C., we typically handle matters for clients in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, but we are capable of and have handled estate litigation matters for clients with assets across the country and around the world. Based in Philadelphia and Moorestown, our two top attorneys are each 30-year litigators with a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience.

We handle legal issues and litigation for high net worth families, individuals, celebrities, sports figures, business owners, executives, investors, philanthropists and others.

Matters that we handle in litigation include:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty by a trustee, executor or conservator engaged in fraud
  • Power of attorney disputes
  • Guardianships and conservatorships
  • Asset transfer and gift disputes
  • Will contests
  • Competency disputes concerning wills, trusts and estate plans
  • Business succession disputes
  • Disputes involving transfer of business assets

Protecting your interests and the wealth you deserve to inherit requires specialized legal representation. Matters become complex quickly, and you will be at an immediate, significant disadvantage without an experienced estate litigation lawyer on your side.

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