Professional Liability

Committed Defense for Professionals in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Professionals in many fields trust in the experience and capability of the law firm of Mark J. Hill & Associates when liability defense becomes an issue. Serving the region from offices in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, professional liability lawyers from Mark J. Hill & Associates are well prepared to provide aggressive defense for professionals accused of malpractice.

We work diligently to provide the most vigorous defense possible for professionals including:

  • attorneys
  • insurance brokers and agents
  • title agents
  • health care professionals
  • mental health caregivers
  • developmental disability caregivers
  • day care center professionals
  • dentists
  • professional home inspectors
  • accountants

In both New Jersey and Pennsylvania, the professional liability lawyers of Mark J. Hill & Associates have vigorously defended legal malpractice cases involving:

  • missed Statutes of Limitation
  • poorly executed litigation
  • mishandling of a client's file
  • mishandling of a client's commercial transaction
  • self-dealing
  • conflict of interest

Other breach of professional responsibility claims we have defended have included claims of:

  • accounting errors
  • insurance malpractice
  • mortgage broker errors
  • mistakes in dental office
  • sexual abuse by employees
  • inadequate supervision of children, developmentally disabled (MH/MR), or other vulnerable persons
  • inadequate security
  • inadequate staffing

The professional liability defense practice of Mark J. Hill & Associates identifies closely with the professionals whom we represent. In essence, we become them as we walk in their shoes and advocate for the best available outcomes for hard-working lawyers, accountants, and caregivers who are targeted in professional liability lawsuits.

To schedule a consultation with an experienced professional liability attorney, contact Mark J. Hill & Associates online or by phone at 215-564-1100.